Introducing Prism by Lumiata

Lumiata Healthcare Underwriting Models wins prestigious IAAI Deployed Application Award

Predictive analytics can give you valuable insights into your healthcare organization and patients, allowing you to improve care and outcomes and reduce costs. What’s even better is when this can be done quickly and with minimal patient data. Prism by Lumiata makes all of this possible.

What is Lumiata Prism?

Prism is a revolutionary new deep learning approach to predict healthcare costs and clinical risk with game-changing speed, simplicity, and flexibility. It democratizes AI through a web-based, self-serve application that can produce results with as few as 50 patient records. Prism is a one-stop solution for almost any cost and disease prediction using claims data..

Prism can help you transform your underwriting and care management efforts
Prism is designed to be a light-weight solution for predictive analytics needs. The design enables solutions for almost any healthcare use case:

  • Identify high-risk patients: Identity which patients need your help the most, why, and by when.
  • Understand current business risk: Get a ‘second opinion’. Predict cost and disease onset to understand where your current business is trending.
  • Accurately quote renewals: Quote your renewing business appropriately with advanced individual and group cost predictions. Understand the disease burden and factors driving price changes.
  • Quote new business: Limited data for new customers? Leverage our internal data assets to predict individual/group-level cost and disease burden.
  • Design targeted interventions: Build a prioritized target list of patients who will best respond to your intervention.
  • Embed within your current tool: Add predictive analytics into your existing BI tool, SaaS or Service business.
  • Benchmark your cost and care outcomes: Compare your cost and clinical outcomes against a representative population for benchmarking purposes.

Easy-to-use features and valuable benefits

Prism includes numerous helpful features that provide valuable benefits for users. For example, Prism takes a rapid, flexible, and user-friendly approach to risk prediction, making it easy to include predictive analytics into any existing workflow.

See what Prism can do for your organization

Lumiata generates powerful predictions and actionable insights that can be used to improve care, reduce costs, and more.Prism can transform your business – all you need to get started is curiosity and a small (~50 patient) data sample. Click here to request a demo of Prism.